Riverside High School will move into its permanent home, the former Heslar Naval Armory, in time for the 2018-19 school year.

  • Construction began on the Heslar Naval Armory in July 2017 and will be completed in early summer, well ahead of ahead of the start of next school year.
  • The Heslar Naval Armory was built in in 1938 as a Works Process Administration (WPA) project as a naval reservist training center.
  • The building, which was decommissioned in late 2015, played an important role in the preservation of freedom and democracy. It was an important intelligence-gathering post during World War II and housed top military leaders while they planned important European and Pacific campaigns.
Check out some great historical photos of Heslar Naval Armory from Indystar here!
  • As a reservist training center, it already contained many classrooms and offices and was perfectly suited to become a high school.
  • Part of the renovation work has been to preserve the building’s historical features, including terrazzo floors, 12’ x 15’ paintings in the gymnasium that are original to the building, original globe light fixtures, brass doors, and many, many beautiful nautical features
  • Once completed, the building will tout a large gymnasium that will be home to our Argonaut athletics teams, a spacious 2-story music room that will be the rehearsal location for our incredible choir and instrumental music programs, four modern science labs, a coffee shop and so much more!


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