Riverside High School, currently in its first year, is a replication of the award-winning model of Herron High School (HHS). As a model of what is possible in urban, secondary education, the school equips students to become world-class citizens while strengthening neighborhoods and increasing the overall vibrancy of Indianapolis. Riverside High School and Herron High School are part of Indianapolis Classical Schools. Together, they will achieve a new standard of academic excellence while strengthening the community.

As a tuition-free, Classical, Liberal Arts high school, Riverside High School is committed to advancing timeless ideas and content. Its academic model and intentionally-diverse student population are the same main ingredients to Herron High School’s “secret sauce” that has allowed it to become one of the best high schools in the nation. Examples of Herron High School’s list of recent accomplishments include:

One of America’s most challenging schools­ Washington Post

Four Star School­ Indiana Department of Education

Top one percent of public high schools­ US News and World Report

100% college/military acceptance rate for the most recent graduating class

99% graduation rate

  • College/Military acceptance rate for the most recent graduating class 100%
  • Graduation Rate 99%
  • Student Retention Rate 94%

These extraordinary accomplishments were achieved while the school substantially increased the number of students served. Our enrollment has grown from a total of 98 students in the first year to 832 students today. Demand from families far exceeds the number of students we can serve. We begin each school year with hundreds of families remaining on the waitlist. Due to this demand and Herron High School’s exemplary performance, there has been ongoing community pressure for the school to expand its model to a second school site.

One of America’s most challenging schools

Washington Post

Top one percent of public high schools

US News and World Report

Four Star School

Indiana Department of Education

Why Latin? Why Classical Education?

Learn more about why RHS teaches Latin & about the classical education model