Advanced Dance History and Appreciation - Riverside High School
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Advanced Dance History and Appreciation

Section #: 4140 (DNC HIST)

Dance History and Appreciation is based on the Indiana Standards for Dance. This course develops students’ knowledge and appreciation of our multicultural and multi-styled dance heritage. Students study the literature, music, media, and movement associated with a variety of dance genres including Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Ethnic-Folk. Students explore how these forms aid in the preservation and perpetuation of movement communication as an art form. Activities and experiences are designed to develop students’ ability to recognize the historical perspective of dance evolution and styles of dance; study the development of dance and the impact of historical periods and dance’s relationship to other art forms; identify prominent dancers, dance companies, and social groups which have influenced dance; and study dance interactions with society. Students are given opportunities to experience live and recorded dance performances by professional individuals, companies, or social groups that demonstrate cultural and historical perspectives of dance.

Recommended Grade Level

9, 10, 11, or 12

Recommended Prerequisites

Dance History Appreciation


1 semester course for 1 credit

Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for all diplomas

Fulfills a Fine Arts requirement for the Core 40 Academic Honors Diploma

A non-licensed dance instructor may be contracted to provide instruction with a licensed Fine Arts teacher serving as the teacher of record.