AP World History and Civilizations - Riverside High School
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AP World History and Civilizations

Taught by Beachum, Caroline

Section #: 1576

Students of Advanced Placement World History & Civilizations will learn about and study important events, people, and developments from throughout the world. Students will examine the key concepts of continuity and change, universality and particularity, and unity and diversity among various peoples and cultures from the past to the present. All coursework will be in accordance to the Indiana State Academic Standards, as well as those standards set by the College Board and the mission statement of Herron High School. Students will participate in a variety of learning strategies, including research, analysis, and knowledge synthesis, taking in to account the diversity of students’ capabilities.

Based on the goals and charter of the school, AP World History students will participate in the study of the art history timeline. Students will examine, analyze, and interpret important works of art starting with ancient times. The course will also closely follow the classical model of the Trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The classical liberal arts model of education is at the core of Herron High School.

As an Advanced Placement course, students will be expected to participate in a rigorous course curriculum designed to encourage and challenge historical thinking. The study of primary documents and the formulating of ideas in writing and class discussion are of the utmost importance. Essay writing, in the form of Document-Based Questions (DBQ), comparative questions, and questions dealing with change and continuity over time, will be practiced frequently in preparation for the AP exam. Providing students with the opportunity to earn college credit, while at the same time, preparing those students for the challenges of the university, is at the center of this course.

Recommended Grade Level: none
Recommended Prerequisites: none
Credits: 2 semester course, 1 credit per semester
Counts as an Elective for all diplomas
Fulfills the Geography History of the World/World History and Civilization graduation requirement for all