Debate - Riverside High School
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Taught by McManus, Sarah

Section #: 1070 (DEBATE)

Debate, a course based on Indiana’s Academic Standards for English/Language Arts and the Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts, is the study and application of the basic principles of debate involving support for the basic types of arguments (induction, deduction, causation) and debate strategies (affirmative or negative argument construction and extension, case development, refutation or rebuttal of argument claims and evidence, and persuasive speaking).

Debate Project: Students complete a project, such as a mock debate or trial, participation in a forum, competition, or tournament, or an argument supporting or opposing different sides of a major issue, which demonstrates knowledge, application, and presentation progress in the Debate course content.

Recommended Grade Level Grades 11 or 12

Recommended Prerequisites Speech or teacher recommendation

Credits 1 or 2 credits. The nature of this course allows for the second semester of instruction at an advanced level.

Fulfills an English/Language Arts requirement for the General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors diplomas