Pre AP Chemistry - Riverside High School
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Pre AP Chemistry

Pre AP Chemistry is an honors level chemistry course that will prepare students for AP Chemistry.  Students typically take AP Chemistry the year following Pre AP Chemistry. The course is heavily math-based and comfort with algebra 1 and general mathematics concepts such as scientific notation will be expected. The course will also include laboratory work.

Topics studied will include:

  1. Measurements, units, and the scientific method
  2. Atoms and Molecules
  3. Atomic Structure
  4. Molecular Structure
  5. Polyatomic Ions and Molecular Geometry
  6. Chemical Reactions
  7. Stoichiometry
  8. Acid Base Chemistry
  9. Chemistry of Solutions
  10. Gas Laws
  11. Thermodynamics
  12. Kinetics
  13. Chemical Equilibrium
  14. Oxidation-Reduction reactions

The course follows the Indiana Academic Standards for chemistry 1 with added standards  from the College Board to prepare students for AP Chemistry. The full Indiana content standards can be accessed online here.

Recommended Grade Level

The course is typically taken in grade 10.