Aisha Bowen - Riverside High School
Herron High School is currently on 100% Virtual Instruction. Campus is closed until the return to a hybrid schedule on January 28, 2021.

Aisha Bowen

English Teacher, Dean of Students


Reading & Composition 2
Reading & Composition 1

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B.A. English – Howard University
M.S. Ed. International Ed Development – University of Pennsylvania

Clubs Sponsored

Black Cultural Union

Why I Teach

I teach to educate scholars on the process of discovering who they are in the context of the world around them through the lens of English Language Arts.

Historically, words (i.e. books, laws, speeches, songs, written documents, etc.) have had a large influence in determining individuals privilege or oppression in this world. As such, I strive to empower scholars to become world class citizens through deep understanding of the social impacts that this discipline has had on the world.