Lynn House - Riverside High School
Herron High School is currently on 100% Virtual Instruction. Campus is closed until the return to a hybrid schedule on January 28, 2021.

Lynn House

Chief Enrollment Officer


My role at ICS is to oversee the enrollment and recruitment process for both campuses.

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Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications/Public Relations from Anderson University

Clubs Sponsored

Co-sponsor Achaean 80

Why Indianapolis Classical Schools

I may be Indianapolis Classical Schools biggest fan. I have had two sons graduate from Herron, and two sons who are still students at Herron, all with various strengths and needs. I am constantly inspired by our teachers (at both campuses) as I watch them relentlessly pursue students and cheer them on to success. A favorite aspect of my job is seeing freshmen come in nervous and insecure, and witnessing their growth into confident, equipped seniors who are prepared and excited for college. Coming from a private middle school, I am so glad we didn’t continue spending money on private schooling when my boys are getting a private school education for FREE!