Sean Henseleit - Riverside High School
Herron High School is currently on 100% Virtual Instruction. Campus is closed until the return to a hybrid schedule on January 28, 2021.

Sean Henseleit

Director of Academic Accountability, Director of Curriculum and Instruction for K-8, ENL Coordinator


I help to coordinate state and federally required testing as well as AP testing. Additionally, I am helping to lead our upcoming K-8 school with a focus on curriculum and instruction. Finally, I coordinate services for English Learners at Herron and Riverside.

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Bachelor of Science in Education from Butler University
Masters of Science in Building Administration from Butler University

Why I Educate

I believe our students are curious and capable and I have found a group of colleagues who share these beliefs at ICS. Our teachers and staff know that, with the right supports, our students can achieve to new heights. That belief in our students coupled with a commitment to ensuring supports is rare and is something to cherish when found.