Shelby Briggs - Riverside High School
Herron High School is currently on 100% Virtual Instruction. Campus is closed until the return to a hybrid schedule on January 28, 2021.

Shelby Briggs

Director of Counseling


I am the Director of Counseling for Indianapolis Classical Schools(Riverside High School and Herron High School). I am also the 11th Grade School Counselor at Herron High School. I am at Herron on Monday, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, and Thursday and I am at Riverside on Tuesday mornings and Friday.

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Bachelor of Science, IUPUI
Master of Science, Butler
LMHC Certificate, Butler

Why Indianapolis Classical Schools

I find great joy in helping scholars overcome obstacles in order to achieve personal/social growth, academic success, and college/career aspirations. My passion for counseling stems from my desire to form meaningful connections with others. Indianapolis Classical Schools is my home because everyone in this community treats each other like family and our community is the best place for scholars to thrive.