Community - Riverside High School
Riverside High School has moved to a hybrid schedule. Masks are required of everyone on school grounds and campus is currently closed to visitors unless an appointment has been made.


Consistent with our Core Values, Riverside High School students engage in an urban community by volunteering with nonprofits and community partners and visiting and attending arts and cultural organizations and events.

Riverside High School partners with local organizations to extend learning opportunities for our students and impact our community. Riverside High School partners closely with the Harrison Center for the Arts for arts and cultural opportunities that advance our mission of preparing well-rounded, world-class citizens. Additionally, teachers regularly take students to places like the Central Library, Newfields (Indianapolis Museum of Art), Indiana Repertory Theater, and Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library to supplement their in-class learning. Outside of the school day, it is common to see our student at museums and community events, like First Fridays, engaging in their urban community.